We are preparing for the end of 2017 and would like to offer some tips to help make it easy on both you and your payroll provider. To avoid adding more chaos to an already hectic time of year, please provide the following information to your payroll provider so that 2017 W-2’s and Annual Payroll Tax Returns can be generated with ease:

1. Updated addresses for anyone employed during 2017.
2. Group Term Life Insurance in Excess of $50,000.
3. Employer Contributions to an HSA account that was not processed through payroll.
4. Bonuses to employees that were not processed through payroll.
5. Fringe Benefits that were provided.
6. Information on employees that received Third Party Sick Pay.
7. Names, Addresses, and Social Security Numbers of any individuals that were paid more than $600 during 2017 and should receive a 1099.

Having all of this information as soon as possible will help to make for a smooth transition into the new year!

~ Nancy VanHorn, CPP
Assistant Accounting Manager

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